‘A Day at the Park’

11217 plaid 8
We adore vintage style garments and their sweet styles & nostalgic allure!  Our recent inspiration came from ‘Lila’s Sundress’, the included pattern from the Summer 2018 Classic Sewing Magazine. Sometimes when you grab a pattern, fabrics and laces are an easy choice.



This collection came together easily with this precious pattern.  Preppy Plaid, gorgeous Swiss embroidered edging for the ruffle & pink matching buttons for the back of the dress.
11217 plaid 2




With the spring garment that was quickly coming together, we decided to take a trip to the Redcliffe Plantation in Beech Island, SC!  This has such a beautiful background for a spring/summer look & is often used for special occasion pictures, such as weddings and graduations.  Really, anything can be captured on its diverse landscapes, 150 year old oak & magnolia trees, & historic buildings!

So the dresses were finished and the fun began with sweet sisters having a ‘Day at the Park’!



After making up the pattern we had a little fun changing the way the ruffle was finished on the bottom of the strap. We can never leave anything the same, but are always experimenting!

So, we can’t wait to see YOUR version of this adorable sundress!  Send us pictures of your sweet girls in this summer sundress!  Pattern is available in the Summer 2018 “Classic Sewing Magazine”, in stores now!
11217 plaid 5