Easy Peazy Scarf & Shawl for Adults


It’s the time of year for enjoying a cup of hot cocoa in front of a toasty fire!  When heading outdoors, wool fabrics, layering & coats become a necessity.  This year we are sewing our little hearts out with a fast & simple shawl/cape pattern that hits on the current trends & keeps you warm at the same time.   This staple garment is easy & fast to sew, warm and comfortable to wear!  2 yards of a 60″ wide fabric is enough to create a pretty scarf as well as a shawl/cape.

001 plaid blog 1

Instructions for creating the Scarf & Shawl:

  1. Lay out the fabric (2 yards X 60″), folding so there is a 10″ single layer overlap.  (Or, start by cutting a 10″-12″ strip from one selvage edge.)
    001 plaid blog 2
  2. Remove 10″ X 60″ down one selvage edge.  This will create the material needed for a scarf.  Fabric remaining will be 2 yards X 50″ wide & will be the amount needed for a shawl.
  3. Remove the remaining selvage edge from the fabric by trimming approximately 1/2″ – 5/8″ down the length of the 2 yards.
  4. Establish the ‘front’ & ‘back’ of your shawl, based on your personal preference and the design of the fabric.  On the fold of the fabric measure up 35″ from front edge, as shown.
    001 plaid blog 3
  5. Cut out a rounded edge 2.25″ deep X 35″ long to the end of the fabric, creating the area that will go around your neck.  Buy a kit from Farmhouse Fabrics for pre-coordinated shawl/scarves that will include a pattern for the rounded neck of the shawl.

  6.  Depending on the weave of your fabric, one way to finish the bottom ends is to fringe the edges by removing horizontal threads to the desired depth of the fringe.   If sewing with a wool or flannel fabric (one that is made with a looser weave), try fringing the edge to finish the look.


  7.  Once the fringe is complete, it is time to finish the side edges and the center front by topstitching a narrow turned hem. If desired, you could serge the raw edges and turn under & topstitch.  Or, turn the edges under twice and topstitch.
  8.  Some fabrics will not fringe, so just make a narrow hem around the entire shawl/cape by topstitching.
  9. To complete the scarf fringe both ends to the desired depth and finish both long edges – voila’!
    113018 blog 1
  10. Stay cozy and comfy with a wardrobe of these cute capes and scarves! 


Fabrics used in pictures shown above:

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