Simple & Sweet ~ Coordinates

12-19-pepper 1 lg

Contrasting collars make for such a wonderful pop of color. When you find a beautiful coordinate, it can really make an outfit!  Here we have used the Violette Field Threads PDF pattern ‘Pepper’ with a rich ‘flamingo’ sheen sateen and a perfectly paired Liberty of London linen floral for a contrasting collar.

A neat sewing trick I learned from #1 sewing teacher, Cindy Foose, is to mark the center front of the bodice fabric with a temporary basting stitch.  This provides a guideline for centering the collar, centering the skirt gathers, and a perfectly straight line to add tiny buttons as front embellishment.

12-19-pepper 2 lg

“Pepper” is shown on the pattern with 3/4 sleeves, and is adorable in that version, but Liberty Linen and Flamingo Sheen Sateen will be worn in the hot South Carolina summer, so I made this a sleeveless version.  The bodice is fully lined, which made it easy to finish the armholes!

Only a small amount of the contrasting floral linen is required to make the collar for “Pepper”.  It is fun to use the more expensive fabrics as a pop of color on a garment! Here, the print is used for the collar, and a tiny piece used to cover the center of a little fabric bow for the front of the dress. Every scrap of Liberty fabric is precious, and a perfect way to use tiny pieces is to cover buttons! Since the metal from the cover buttons has a tendency to show through a more open weave fabric, I fused our French baby interfacing to the back of the fabric used to cover the buttons. (The same interfacing was used in the collar and under the back buttonhole and button area.

I have rarely been known to “go with the flow” – and have often used shank buttons on the backs of little girls’ dresses, if I think they are pretty.  I know it is frowned upon in some circles, so imagine my pleasure to see this magazine cover in the grocery store last night!!!!
Shank (covered) Buttons on the Back!!! (Photo Props: Google Search :)) If it’s good enough for a princess, it’s good enough for me!


2 thoughts on “Simple & Sweet ~ Coordinates

  1. Pamela Wolfersberger says:

    As a long time sewer and textile chemist with an unabashed love of fabric I am never disappointed with my purchase. I now order nearly exclusively online and know that the one vendor I can count on to always have wonderful quality, fast shipping, beautiful packaging and colors true to the color pictured is FF. I had looked for many years for quality shirting traveling to major cities across the US and often still did not find the quality I find with you. Additionally my last order contained an error and it was immediately rectified with quite a fair solution. I appreciate vendors like yourselves, you make shopping online easy and fill my need for fabrics that have a luxurious hand, natural fibers and beautiful colors. Thank you


    • farmhousefabrics says:

      Dear Pamela, Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We appreciate your comments and kind words. While we hate to make errors in our shipping, we do try very hard to correct the problem when we are able! Sally


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