The Secret Garden-BBD

Inspired by our beautiful new printed vine corduroy in pink and green, we looked to Bonnie Blue Designs patterns for Autumn ideas, finding Charlotte #158 & Laurel #157!  Having two complimenting colorways of this cute fabric made “sister dresses” come to mind immediately!

‘The Secret Garden’ started to come alive with beautiful gingham coordinates from Spechler Vogle & Fabrics Finders, Inc.

The pink vine corduroy looked great with SV peppermint microcheck.  Using Bonnie Blue Designs, “Charlotte”, we made a couple of quick variations:  1. Added a self-ruffle at the bottom of the sleeve, lined in microcheck to show a little “peek-a-boo” of gingham contrast.  2.  Made a gingham spaghetti tie for the center front.  3.  Added two sweet little oval pockets on the front. (Every child loves to hide treasures in pockets!)  The pockets are lined in the microcheck, so when the top is folded down, the contrast shows. The flap has the little ribbon garland sewn around the edge & was decorated with a corduroy covered button.

So, when you are in a hurry, have an idea, but no pattern….HOW do you find a good “oval shape”??  Looking all around the room, we found the perfect oval…the bottom of a tiny trashcan!  It made the ideal sized pocket for this dress!  Pattern shapes are everywhere, we just have to look with a “creative eye”. Ha!

Green Vine corduroy was a great match to Fabric Finders Celery gingham.
Using Bonnie Blue Designs’ dropped waist dress pattern, “Laurel”, we added celery gingham piping to the off-set collar, the bottom of the lined sleeves, and the bottom of the bodice.  Also, using the gingham, we made a fabric bow to sew at the lower left side of the bodice at the skirt seam.  A cute little button was added to the collar for embellishment.

Now for the shoes… We looked to to help us prepare for their photo shoot.  The pink corduroy need a softer touch and smaller shoe as to not overpower the little one. The Doll Maker Flat Bootie’ looked like a great fit. For the green vine corduroy Hanna Andersson Viktoria Girl’s Riding Boot’ was a great color match.

Girls will be girls with twist & twirls in their new ‘Secret Garden’ dresses!

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