Darn It! – Accidents Happen – Really, Darn It!

As preparations were being made for a sisters Christmas photo shoot, we quickly gravitated to our vintage-inspired dress with 3/4 length sleeves made in a very lightweight wool,  Soft Mauve – Pink Jacquard fabric….. With a gentle tug of excitement to pull this lovely dress from the clothes-rack, our ears were pricked by the horrible sounds of a tear! Sure enough – there was a hole, front and center!  Pretty hard to hide this one in pictures!
Gosh darn, golly geeze, son of a… wait a minute – Darn It!  Really, Darn It!

                All the thinking caps went on – how in the world to repair a hole in this sweet wool dress?  “Darn it!”  Darn definition: To mend, as torn clothing, with rows of stitches, sometimes by crossing and interweaving rows to span a gap. 

However, before a thread was stitched, trial efforts were made!
Instead of making my initial attempt on the dress itself, I took a seam ripper to a remnant swatch of our gorgeous wool – intentionally adding a hole to see the best way to repair it.
To fuse the dress with a self-fabric patch, I used ‘Stitch Witchery’. ‘Stitch Witchery’is a great tool for hems, trims, belts and so much more!
      (Years ago, before Pinterest, I saw a neat project using Stitch Witchery by the yard & have always wanted to try it.  Yardage of Stitch Witchery was used for fusing a piece of aluminum foil to the wrong side of cute Christmas fabric & the finished piece was then used to wrap baked goods for Christmas gifts!)
Here, ‘Stitch Witchery’ fused my man-made hole with a repair patch.
– Place a pressing cloth over the wool to fuse the patches together.

This fabric is such a unique color and when a thread match was seemingly impossible, I grabbed a small remnant of the same wool fabric and unraveled a thread that be could used for an exact match!   After fusing a small piece of the same wool to the back side of the garment, I used the threads shown below to “darn it”!! It really worked!
*Please don’t let my husband know I actually “darned” something! For our 44 years of marriage, he has been asking me to darn his socks!! I can easily throw away his socks, but I just had to rescue the dress!  Priorities, right?

To check out the full photo shoot video, click the picture below!122016-christmas-video

2 thoughts on “Darn It! – Accidents Happen – Really, Darn It!

  1. corpnomad@aol.com says:

    Love the post. But…love the dress. My granddaughter lives in the chilly Northwest and I am always looking for a longer sleeve pattern. Whose pattern was used for the lovely soft mauve-pink wool dress???


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