True Confessions – When it still doesn’t feel right…


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Certain fabrics are so inspiring and sometimes can be a little intimidating.  They often catch our eye while perusing for a new inspiration and then later are returned to the shelf when their beauty or uniqueness overshadows our imaginations. And then on some bright morning, we pair a lovely fabric with a well suited pattern.

But what happens when you you lay out that beautiful piece of fabric on its pattern equivalent and it’s still not perfect… Sometimes just a small change makes all the difference.

Just by altering the neckline shape of this pattern, it helped suffice that small twinge that something just didn’t feel right!  Follow our step-by-step instructions to lay out a new neckline on the classic and sweet Children’s Corner Pattern ‘Lillian’ #230 with this beautiful tucked Swiss cotton fabric.  Always one of our favorites – but so hard to picture how to use the pre-tucked design that is laid out in a “panel” pattern on the fabric. Somehow the design had to be utilized – as it is so beautiful and unusual.

1. First, it is very important to position the pattern pieces so that the plain, un-tucked portion is at the top of the bodice front and bodice back as shown  in the following picture:


In the picture on the left below, the underarm point on the front and back side pattern  piece is shown here positioned at the same white tuck on the fabric.  The picture below on the right shows the hemlines matching the same tuck. This will ensure that the stripes/tucks will match all the way down the side seams.

Below are the two pieces cut out according to the pattern, with the round neckline:


Next Step:  Trace the front of the dress pattern (neckline, shoulder line, armhole, center front) on tracing paper.


Using a clear ruler, draw a line from the center front, starting just at the seamline – Line needs to be perpendicular to the straight of the grain.


Using the ruler again, draw a line from the shoulder point, angling in slightly towards the center until the two lines intersect:

Now, it is time to re-cut the new square neckline:

And there you go! A sweet square neckline on your Lillian jumper!

Can I tell you something? In the end, I felt like the square neckline was actually a little too wide, but because I am always in too much of a hurry to cut a “muslin”, I went with it!  Next time, I would actually angle the line from the shoulder seam a little more towards the center front!  True confessions!!


We wanted to do a bit of a “fitting” with these two girls but they had other plans in mind!

Maybe next time!


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