it’s all about conserving fabric!



I used to patiently wait for my mother to scrap a fabric so that I could turn it into a new doll dress! As she flipped & turned each pattern piece on the recommended layout, my doll dress prospects became dismal as I began to see that her skills in making the most of her “one pattern fabric”, just gave her enough to make my sister a matching outfit.

Come along as we show you a step-by-step layout of the cute pattern,”Lydia”, by Bonnie Blue Designs and a way that will save you a scrap or two for your next project!
This is the second time I have made this top, and since the finished top seemed just a little on the short side to me the first go-round, I added 2” to length of the top shown in the pattern. (This was just a guess on the additional length – no mathematical formula.)
The photo below shows a layout if the pattern front and back are placed on the fold of the fabric.  If cut as shown on this picture, there would be 2 narrow unusable strips of fabric along the selvage edge.
Pictured is the Lydia top placed on 45” pretty floral lawn fabric:



If the fabric is “refolded” and the pattern pieces cut on the “new” fold – using just the amount of fabric needed, it creates a wider strip of fabric that may be used for a future project!  In this case, the width of the remaining fabric is approximately 17″!

Pictured is the 45” fabric – refolded –leaving a wide strip along one selvage edge:121216-lydia-top-1


Lining Fabric: Cut from 1 Width of Fabric!

Lining used for the Lydia top is 60” wide, so the fabric can be “refolded” with the selvage edges to the center creating folds along both sides. This allows the front and back Lydia top pattern pieces to be cut on one width of fabric!  (It’s all about conserving fabric!)121216-lydia-top-2

The little denim shorts needed a floral ruffle to make them “girly” – and my first “guess” at ruffle width was to cut 3 1/2″strips to fold in half lengthwise & gather.  I could tell right away that the ruffles would look sweeter in a more narrow finished width, so I ran another stitch and cut them to a finished length of about 1″.  In order to compensate for the additional length of adding a shorts ruffle, I removed the hem allowance plus another 1″ before adding the floral ruffle.

I would like to add a note here that the layouts included in the pattern instructions make the best use of the fabric.  The “Lydia” pattern was used in order to discuss layouts in general.

Find the kit for this cute outfit here:  Find kit here

“Lydia” by Bonnie Blue Designs 


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