From Our Stash to Yours!


Welcome to “Sally’s Corner”

YIKES!!  It’s an avalanche!

25 years of piling fabric remnants creates a FABRIC MOUNTAIN that “could” be dangerous!  Always thinking that if the end of a bolt of fabric was safely stored in some organized manner that would be useful in planning projects, filling orders,  and creating kits –  the mountain of fabric remnants quickly became a “mountain range”.


The “special” remnants (Liberty of London, Swiss voile, etc.) are often found hidden in “Sally’s Corner” – but when the paths become too narrow, and the employees are threatening to call “Hoarders”, she grabs her heart & cries, “Mutiny!”….

The only workable solution – “Share the Love”!!

“Let It Go”, the song from the movie, “Frozen”, has taken on a whole new meaning at Farmhouse Fabrics.


Our remnant bins!

Fabric, trims, and even our gorgeous laces are being passed along at a 30% discount!  Whether you need a short piece of pique to use for a collar, an embroidered Swiss batiste for a baby dress, a Christmas fabric for decorations, or fine laces for an heirloom project, you might just find it in any of the following specific remnant categories: ginghams, Swiss and heirloom fabricsholiday fabrics, and our general remnants section.


A doll outfit like this could easily be made using our remnants!


Visit the trims remnant category to find gorgeous embroidered ribbons, embellished French trims, and much more! The same goes for lace. You can find lovely lace pieces in the lace remnant category-anything from Maline to Cluny. These short pieces are ideal for a neckline or for around sleeves-instances where you don’t necessarily need to buy a whole yard (although, often, there are pieces with yardage). And again, these trims and laces are always discounted 30% !

To each of you who have purchased a portion of our “Farmhouse Fabrics’ Remnant Mountain Range”, we thank you!

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