This is How We Kit


At Farmhouse we have always loved putting together kits. These kits are made up of different fabrics, trims, buttons, and more that we have personally coordinated. We get inspired to make these kits by a wide variety of situations: Maybe we see a beautiful garment in a magazine that appeals to us, or maybe we see a stunning new fabric that we feel needs to be made into something beautiful! Whatever the reason, we really enjoy putting together these kits, and we find it makes it easier for our customers to find coordinating items when they are already bundled together. Shopping for fabrics and trims from a computer screen isn’t always the easiest thing to do! Being sewists ourselves, we understand this, and we strive to make it easier for our customers and friends to make their stunning creations!

We often will make original kits-completely inspired by our own ideas and combos. We can be receiving a new shipment of fabric from New York and a certain bolt of fabric just “speaks” to us. We think about what kind of garment the particular fabric seams to be suited toward, and then it’s only a matter of finding matching trims (and if you’ve been to our warehouse you know there are LOTS of options)!

This dress by our friend Regena K! Click here!

Other times, we will make kits inspired by a popular “look” or outfit. In one particular kit we have been inspired by the adorable, classic style of little Princess Charlotte! We were able to find a floral lawn very similar to one of the Princess’s dresses and we found a pattern that was practically identical! All that remained were buttons and embroidery floss and there we had our kit!

Photo on the left by HRH the Duchess of Cambridge. Find the kit on the right here!

A current “source of inspiration” can be seen in one of our recent coat kits.  Gail Doane’s stunning wool coat, seen below, in the recent “Classic Sewing” magazine- the holiday edition is a beauty that we wanted to recreate. Not only did we adore Gail’s jacket, we had just received the ideal off white Italian wool!  This wool was used by Rothschild S. & Co. Inc., and came from an Italian mill which specializes in woolens of excellence and produces fabrics for names like Burberry, Armani, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and much more! So once we had our fabric for the kit, it was just a matter of finding trims and notions and bundling it all together (the jacket pattern is included with the purchase of the magazine!).


Find this kit here!

Other kits we really enjoy making are our doll kits. We have a blast creating little assortments/kits for dolls. We use remnants of our finest silks and satins combined with bits of fancy lace, metallic braid, and glass beads. And then when we’ve found all our kit components, we like to give these kits a unique name. The name usually encapsulates what kind of doll outfit we can imagine being made out of the chosen selections. Some popular doll kits have been our “Pocahontas“, “Versailles Sunset“, and “Tarzan Meet Jane“. You can kind of picture from those names what the kits look like (click on the names or look below to see the actual kits…were they just like you imagined?) There can be a lot of laughter when we call out names for doll kits!!

All of our kits-from the inspired to the totally original-are made with love. We personally walk around the shop, comparing various trims and fabrics until we find the ideal selections. We look at a kit and we see our own little ones dressed in this creation and we don’t stop refining our selection until we think the kit is absolutely perfect. We get so excited when our customers take our dreams and make them into garments!

So, please send us photos of the garments YOU have made!!  We would enjoy seeing your creation for little people and dolls – and will share them in a future blog post or on our Facebook page, with your permission.

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