Terrific Trims


terrific-trims-headerAt Farmhouse, we love trims! As you’ll notice when you meander through our shop, almost half the shelves are filled with custom-made trims in just about every color and pattern imaginable. As sewists, we completely understand how the perfect trim can be the finishing touch that will make or break an outfit. We love finding interesting fabrics and visualizing miles of spaghetti bias tubing, piping, or picot-edged ruffles!  Or, if we really love the fabric, we make it in MANY different kinds of trims, giving us wonderful coordinating sets! (We have been known to name the full trim set, “Spaghetti and ALL the Trimmings”.) Let’s talk about some great uses we have seen for our special trims.

Here’s a set! Japanese lawn fabric made into double box pleated trim and double-fold bias with a picot edge!

Bias: Have you ever been buying fabric for a garment and been wondering why you need so much of it? Well, if the pattern requires you to make your own bias, then you have your answer. It can take a lot of fabric to get good, continuous cuts of bias, and that’s why we decided to have pre-made bias strips cut and pieced together out of some of our most popular basic fabrics: from Fabric Finders & Spechler-Vogel gingham to silk dupioni to fusible interfacing! We know how much time (and extra fabric!) that saves us in our projects.

Double-Fold Bias with Picot Trim: This trim adds a very sweet and delicate finish to any project. We love Blakely’s use of our taffy gingham version of this trim in the little sundress she made!


Find this dress here!

It can also be used in lots of decorative elements, such as the flower seen below (find that outfit here). One of the great things about making trims out of existing fabrics is that we have those very fabrics available in the store! It makes matching a LOT easier.


Piping: This trim seems to be one of the most popular sellers! Piping is a simple way to add class and elegance to an outfit. We sell it in countless fabrics: solid broadcloth, Fabric Finders and Spechler Vogel gingham, solid pique, silk charmeuse, velvet-you name it! Again, we found that choosing pre-made piping from such a wide selection was a much simpler and cost-effective way of sewing than buying the fabric, cording, and other tools to make our own piping. We are never ashamed of a few shortcuts!

Pleated Fabric and Fabric Ruffles: There is no better way to add some flounce and flair to a skirt or dress than to sew on a few ruffles! Many of our favorite floral, gingham, and striped fabrics are made into special ruffled trims. One style is double-box pleated trim (as seen around the collar of the green dress below). This kind of trim is also perfect as decoration for the front of a dress or blouse and can be adorable as an embellishment for the edge of a baby blanket or bib!


There are also different kinds of pleated trims such as the knife-pleated ruffle. We used a versatile Christmas print fabric to create a snazzy bias knife-pleated ruffle that was the perfect touch around the hem of this sweet Christmas dress!


Find this dress here!

Fabric ruffles (gathered) are also a favorite of ours. We like to have some of them made with a delicate picot edge which may be in a contrasting color or tone-on-tone. Again, perfect for the edge of a skirt as in the green floral dress below! Or, if you want to get even more creative, you can use it down the front of a dress like we used it in this sweet watercolor shift dress!




The “Coordination Station”:  Purchasing fabrics and coordinating trims on-line can be a daunting process.  It can be wild for us, too, even with the trims at our fingertips, so “The Coordination Station” was born!!  This is a helpful tool for in-store shoppers, too!

When creating a “model garment”, we head immediately to the “Coordination Station” to find coordinating trims!

If you call us with “matching” questions, a little fly on the wall would find us searching through the “Coordination Station”!!

Have fun with your creations using a variety of quality trims custom made to match quality fabrics!!  We love helping our customers match or coordinate trims with fabric purchases. A cute piece of fabric doesn’t stay safe around here for very long if we fold it on the bias and think it looks “pretty cute” as a trim!!  LOOK OUT – here comes the bias cutting knife!





One thought on “Terrific Trims

  1. Eleanor J Heimbach says:

    I’m constantly looking for binding and trims to coordinate with the doll clothes I make. The stores offer so little in things that are “different” – which, of course, is what I want for that special touch. It’s good to know you have trims like this available. I’ll be checking these out frequently.


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