Christmas Ad Outtakes-What Really Happened




We love looking at our advertisement in the new Christmas edition of “Classic Sewing”. The pictures from that photo shoot are so sweet! Of course, we know the real story of what happened to get those pictures…

It all began with the deadline for submitting our ad creeping up on us. It seemed so far off at first but then before we knew it, we had only 14 days left in which to: come up with coordinating outfits, actually make the outfits for five little girls, book a photo shoot, find a place to take the pictures, and submit the ad! We all kicked into high gear. We had a vague idea of what colors we were going to use for the outfits, but at the last minute we changed a few things up (isn’t that always how it goes!).


Our classroom became our creative hub.  A space that is meant for 15 ladies to sew was filled by just us! Fabric was strewn over tables, dress forms were fully occupied, and the littles were getting used to being bribed with candy to try on the outfits.

Ya’ll understand a messy sewing room, right?

While some of us were busy in the sewing room, others were running around town looking for a place to take the pictures. When we first planned the photo shoot, we had chosen a local museum as the location, and in our heads it was going to be perfect! Thankfully, just to be sure it was going to work, two of our girls visited it a week before the shoot. They walked in the door and looked at each other-it was not going to work. The place was beautiful, but suddenly they realized the implications of bringing several children into a museum. We needed a new location! That day we ran around beautiful Aiken looking for a place that would look “Christmassy” in August and that wouldn’t melt our little girls dressed in wool! We visited a train museum (but it was outdoors!), a lovely garden (too much green for Christmas…also, outdoors again!), and a local historical plantation (unavailable at such short notice). We were almost out of ideas when Miss Sally suggested a quaint little church down the road from our shop. At this point we were desperate for a space, so we rushed over to take a look. One of our friends who attends the church met us there to unlock it. To our disappointment, it still wasn’t going to work. We explained our dilemma to Miss Gloria. She nodded sympathetically and then suggested, “why don’t you use my house?”

Miss Gloria’s house is very special. She lives in a home built in the 1800s which used to belong to the plantation we visited. We walked in the door and right away we knew it was perfect. High ceilings and large windows were going to be perfect for picture taking, and the classic finishes perfectly suited the look of the garments! So just a few days before our photo shoot we had found our location!



Helping each other with their shoes!

We flew through our sewing-we always says we can go faster when we love what we are making-and the day of the shoot arrived! We had arranged to meet the photographer at Miss Gloria’s house and begin the picture-taking at 8 AM. So all the grand-kids and their mamas arrived at the house on time and we were ready to go! The girls all put their outfits on and we did final touches on hair. And then, just when we thought we were finally ready we encountered a hiccup and our photo shoot needed to be postponed for about an hour! Oh no…we had five little girls all looking perfect and ready for pictures and we had to entertain them for an hour. We decided to get a few pictures of our own while they were still feeling it.


All smiles at the beginning!


Still smiling!


Uh-oh…not as smiley!


Someone is done with the pictures! 

So we took as many as we could on our own and entertained the kiddos with singing and games until our photographer arrived. Then the real photo shoot began.



Every time we do one of these photo shoots for an advertisement we tell ourselves we will be more organized next time! Thankfully we work well under pressure and we are always happy with how everything turns out. If you look at our ad in the Christmas edition of Classic Sewing you would never think that only two weeks earlier those dresses didn’t exist and we didn’t have a place to take the pictures! Maybe disorganization is part of the charm.



Take a look at the video below for more pictures from our photo shoot!

Thank you Marianna Landers-our amazing photographer!




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