Where Are We?


Picture yourself driving down a winding country road. You pass a quaint white church on your left and then a little ways down you drive by picturesque cotton fields on your right. Just around the bend in the road is the driveway of Farmhouse Fabrics.

We often get questions about where we are located, especially when people are planning on coming for a class! “Where can I stay in Beech Island?” they ask. Well, the answer to that is really a long way of simply saying: nowhere. Beech Island, South Carolina is a place where, as we locals like to say, “there’s no beach and no island!”. This is a small agricultural community with a population of around 8,000-one of those towns where you drive through and if you blink you’ve missed it. Our claim to fame is that we are the birthplace of James Brown…”I Feel Good”. You would never guess that a fabric warehouse is tucked away in the trees beside Miss Sally’s 100-year-old white farmhouse.  Our shop seems out of place way out among the cotton fields and magnolia trees! So when we host a class, we usually recommend that students stay in one of our neighboring towns: Aiken, SC or Augusta, GA.

Farmhouse Fabrics View

The view as you leave the driveway of Farmhouse Fabrics!

Aiken is a lovely historic town known for its genteel past-times such as polo and the Aiken Steeplechase. It has a quaint downtown with lovely local restaurants and shops. If you want to experience some tranquil Southern culture, Aiken is the perfect place to see. The charming “Hopelands Gardens” are perfect for a stroll or viewing a free concert on your weekend evenings-the ideal break from sewing all day!


Downtown Aiken, SC (photo found on Pinterest)

Augusta is just across the river from Beech Island on the Georgia side. Augusta is the third largest city in GA and home to the famous Masters Golf Tournament. Many visitors like to stay at a hotel on Washington Road-only a few miles down the street from the National. Sometimes the front gates to the course are open and passers-by can get a glimpse of the famous tree-lined driveway! Augusta also has the closest airport to Beech Island (the other option would be flying into Columbia, SC and driving the rest of the way).

For those of us who work at Farmhouse, the setting is ideal. There’s a lovely commute into work every morning. Some of us drive over the Savannah River as the sun comes up and the water sparkles. Others approach from the Aiken direction and pass the historic Redcliffe Plantation with its lovely spreading Magnolia trees. Customers who visit us are always pleasantly surprised at our quiet and peaceful surroundings. Come and see for yourself! We are open the first Friday and second Wednesday of every month from 8 AM to 3 PM. We are also available by appointment! Customers love to call ahead and schedule a day to make a “Farmhouse road trip”! Or visit us for one of our upcoming classes! There are so many kinds of classes to choose from…visit our “Classes” category on our website.

Farmhouse Fabrics Classes

Four of our upcoming class projects! Click here to go to our “Classes” category online!

We hope to see you soon! We would love to serve you some sweet tea and sit on the porch with you to enjoy our lovely view of the Southern country.

Farmhouse Fabrics Shop and House


2 thoughts on “Where Are We?

  1. lauriesannie says:

    Lordy, that porch looks inviting on a day like today. Mid-nineties in the Virginia mountains. Hope to pay a visit to your shop one day.


  2. Susan says:

    Farmhouse Fabrics is a treasure-trove tucked into a small corner of SC. I love spending time there either taking a class or wandering the aisles, seeing all the goodies Sally has stored from floor to ceiling. Always worth the drive.


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