Farmhouse Goes Shopping

If your shop is a destination sewing stop, where do you go on your shopping trips? We love having customers come in our store. If they aren’t too overwhelmed, they are so excited to be here! Some customers stick around all day finding treasures. Of course, at Farmhouse we are around these products all day. So what is our “Farmhouse Fabrics” equivalent? Where do we go to get our fabric shopping fix?

Farmhouse Fabrics Cindy Foose

Well, recently Miss Sally went on a shopping trip with Miss Cindy Foose (her co-designer of a Wink and a Nod patterns)! They headed to NYC to hit up all Miss Sally’s favorite fabric stops. To give you an idea of what their trip looked like: imagine 200 of our shops put together in one place. And imagine that those 200 shops are even more packed with fabric than ours is. Well, that would be one of the warehouses they visited. That’s not to mention the other two stops!

Of course Miss Sally and Miss Cindy were like children in a candy shop. They made the most of their time and saw all the important sites in New York: the fabric shops. Good thing they had a view of the Empire State building from the hotel window, because if it hadn’t have been, they might not have seen it. There were too many fabric warehouses to see!

These places are the stuff of fabric buyers’ dreams! Warehouses with floor upon floor of shelves simply packed with fabric! And there are so many different kinds of fabrics to choose from! Top of the line shirtings, delicate Swiss, heavily beaded bridal pieces, and everything else you could think of!

Fabric shop owners are simply shoppers whose stash has gotten a little out of hand. When you own a fabric shop, you need to go find someone who has a bigger stash shop than you. When we find that place, then we are the ones who are overwhelmed and excited! Always watch for new items from our shopping trips online in our New Items category.

Who knows when we might go on our next shopping trip! We need our fix too!

Farmhouse Fabrics Warehouse Shopping


One thought on “Farmhouse Goes Shopping

  1. Sharyn Norman says:

    Just returned from a bus group trip to NY. Instead of lovely row upon row of fabrics, we braved the throngs of people in Times Square. Wish we had traveled with you!! So glad that you bought pretty fabric that we can now drool over online and buy!


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