Fall Ad Outtakes

Farmhouse Fabrics Photo Shoot

For Farmhouse Fabrics, an advertisement in Classic Sewing means a lot of children, a lot of outfits, and a LOT of pictures! If you take a look at our ad on page 14 of Classic Sewing’s latest fall issue, you can see three photos of our lovely models, but what you don’t see is the hundreds of other photos we left out! Some of those outtakes are so sweet that we just had to share them. Unfortunately you can only fit so many pictures on one magazine page, but on the blog we can post many more!

Farmhouse Fabrics 11These girls are growing up so quickly! Our sweet blonde on the left is wearing Miss Sally’s “Tiptoes and Twirls” dress. She used the “Laurel” dress pattern by Bonnie Blue Designs made out of Liberty of London “Margaret Annie” and trimmed with delicate Swiss edging and beading. The spunky redhead on the right is wearing our lovely “Denim and Pearls” dress. Miss Sally made this one out of the “Wendy” by Primrose Lane pattern using our lovely, soft Art Gallery denim and delicate embroidered Swiss voile. You can click on the photos below to make them enlarge so you can get a better look at these girls and their darling outfits!



So those are our “big girls”. Next we have our “medium girls” (they wouldn’t want to be called “little”!) They were so fun to photograph! These cuties pretty much ignored the camera and just did their own thing, which made for some very sweet pictures.

Farmhouse Fabrics 1

Farmhouse Fabrics 14Miss Brunette on the left is wearing a top Miss Sally made using a variation of the Bonnie Blue “Ayla Rose” pattern. Miss Sally used our gorgeous seafoam linen and piped the waist-band and the sleeves with prissy pink imperial broadcloth piping. A stunning heavy Venise lace for the front and tiny Swiss edging lent an heirloom charm to the shirt. Miss Medium Blonde is wearing a gorgeous peasant blouse made out of peach dotted Swiss voile edged with an ivory French lace. Her skirt is made out of the Art Gallery denim and edged with the same Swiss edging that was used in the “Tiptoes and Twirls” dress.




Farmhouse Fabrics 7

Finally we have our littlest redheads! These two were over the whole picture-taking thing pretty quickly, but we the pictures we got of them are too precious for words!

Farmhouse Fabrics 5

Little Miss Red is wearing the new a Wink and a Nod Designs pattern “Cissy”. We actually have a kit for this very dress online—click here to see it! This girl’s hair is just gorgeous…we can’t get enough of it!

Farmhouse Fabrics 4

Little Man is oh-so-handsome in his fall vest made using Kwik Sew 3399.

Here at Farmhouse, photo shoots are crazy, but they are also sew much fun!

Farmhouse Fabrics 2


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