We are Excited to Announce:


Last week we wrote a blog post about patterns and in that post we mentioned that our interest had been sparked because we were in fact designing our own pattern. Well, what we didn’t tell y’all is that this pattern has been simmering on the back burner for years. However, all the planning and drafting and correcting has finally come to a close and we are proud to announce that our pattern is now available for order!


“a Wink and a Nod” patterns is so thrilled to present our inaugural design: “Cissy” by Sally Whinghter and Cindy Foose.


The inspiration came to Sally and Cindy while they were looking through vintage patterns and commenting on how charming the vintage styles were. The charming, simple designs were certainly timeless and deserved to be brought to the modern sewing scene. And so an idea was born. The idea was the easy part…those of you who have dabbled in pattern design before know what kind of process followed. If you had told us when we started the task how many corrections and edits were ahead, we might have been too daunted to even begin. However, we enthusiastically threw ourselves into the pattern designing and drafting world, blissfully ignorant of how many grey hairs would follow. After a few trial construction runs to make sure the pattern pieces all fit together, our next step was to study every inch along every line on every piece of every size to make sure they were precisely reproduced from the original pencil-drafted pieces. We jumped hurdles involving file formats, printing accuracy, and brain overload! Once the pattern pieces had been converted to workable digital files, the labeling process commenced.The first printing of each size on “real paper” was a milestone reached only to find that the initial scan had for some unknown reason re-sized the pattern width. So, back to the drawing board to make those corrections. Of course, along with the headache of corrections came a lot of fun, creative moments! For example, we had a blast deciding on the names for our patterns. The name of every pattern by “a Wink and a Nod” is a special lady’s “granny” name. Cindy’s grandchildren call her “Cissy”, and so it seemed appropriate to name our first pattern after one of our fabulous designers (we hope to name our next pattern “Gigi” after Sally).

wink3Of course, when you design a pattern you get to include your own preferences! Not only are all seven sizes included in the envelope, but the individual pattern pieces are unstacked for easy use-no tracing necessary! There are two “views” included in the pattern, and the simple silhouette is perfect for hand or machine embellishment.

After over a year of work on this pattern, we have grown extremely attached to Cissy. We have learned so much throughout this process and we know our knowledge will help us fly through the production of our next pattern (which is already in the works!) Comment with some name ideas for some of our future patterns….your special name could be next!

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Click here to view “Cissy” and pick one up from our online store: www.farmhousefabrics.com


20 thoughts on “We are Excited to Announce:

  1. gccmom says:

    Beautiful pattern with lovely lines! My grandma name was given to me by my oldest granddaughter. My grands call me Kiki and I think that would make an adorable pattern name!

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  2. Lynn Blanchard says:

    Hurray! I am so happy for you, Sally and Cindy. What a wonderful venture for you both. I too adore the sweet simple styles of yesteryear, so I love the concept of updated vintage dresses. I have so many vintage patterns, but resizing them is beyond me. I am very excited about “A Wink and a Nod”, and look forward to your next pattern, “Gigi”.
    As you know, my grandchildren call me Mormor, Swedish for “mother’s mother”.

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  3. Chiska says:

    My special grandma’s are Judy, Helen, Hazel (aka Nana), Evelyn (aka Sid which was short for sister that a little person couldn’t say), Ora, Elvene, and Sophia. You’re pattern is darling I’m going to have to get it very soon!

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  4. Robin says:

    As the mother of three grown boys, I now have two granddaughters with a third one due this summer… My girls call me Chica…. Maybe the name of a sassy sundress pattern in your future! Congrats on the new pattern …. Can’t wait to make it for my girls!

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  5. Joy Welsh says:

    I was lucky enough to sew this at Sewing at the Beach. I adore the swing that this pattern has! I love that it brings us back to the good ‘ole fashion sewing. So many different ideals can be made with this pattern – giving it lots of different looks! Can’t wait to get the pattern…beautifully done!!

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  6. heatherngillis says:

    Oh, no! This dress is adorable, and my girlie would love to have a bunch of them…but she is Long Tall Sally and already moving from size 8 to size 10. Are you planning to draft in the bigger kids sizes eventually? I could make her half a dozen of these, and she would wear the heck out of them


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