Lovely Laces

Farmhouse Fabrics-Lovely Laces

Here at Farmhouse, we love our laces! So many different kinds shipped to us from all over the world! Each kind of lace gives a different “look” to a project. Some are more heirloom than others, and some are more sturdy-lending a bit of a rustic look to a project. Today on our blog we will be discussing some of the different kinds of our lovely laces.

Farmhouse Fabrics-Maline Lace

Maline lace: We must admit that Maline lace is our favorite. These laces have the most delicate and exquisite weave. This French lace was originally made by hand in the town of Mechlin, Belgium. It is a bobbin lace (made by braiding or twisting thread on bobbins) of delicate flowers and other embellishments on a fine hexagonal mesh. This mesh is whisper fine and is sometimes decorated with dots. This French lace is usually 10% nylon, which adds strength to this fine trim. However, because they are still 90% cotton, they still take well to dye and the nylon certainly does not take away from the lovely texture.

Farmhouse Fabrics-English Lace

English Lace: This lace is also lovely, but not as delicate as the Maline. These laces are mostly done on a netting background. Because they are not as gossamer as the Maline, they are 100% cotton-they don’t have as much of a need for the added strength of the nylon.

Farmhouse Fabrics-Cluny Lace

Cluny Lace: This is another bobbin lace style. It is a heavier lace that originated in France. It is a guipure style of lace-which is an instance where it differs from the English and Maline lace. Guipure lace connects the designs with braids and bars rather than a mesh.

Farmhouse Fabrics-Galloon Lace

Galloon: This isn’t exactly a type of lace, but rather it is a style. Lace with a scallop on both sides is called a Galloon lace. It can be in any category: Maline, English, etc. Because this describes the shape rather than the type of lace, it can range from the delicate Maline to the wide, heavy Venise lace.

Farmhouse Fabrics-Liturgical Lace

Liturgical Lace: This also describes a design rather than a weight or origin of a lace. Liturgical lace is a lace with a religious design and purpose. This lace is often used to embellish alter cloths or garments for first communions, christenings, baptisms, etc. The detail in these laces is exquisite.

The different weights of laces lend them to different uses. From delicate heirloom projects to shabby-chic home decorating crafts they all have their uses. Laces add beauty and personality to any project.



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