Heirloom Anthology

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Have you ever been paging through a fabric website and thought, “what’s the difference in all these fabrics?!”. It’s hard buying fabric online…we all like to rub it between our fingers and get a feel for what we are buying. In this post, we are going to try to describe some of our best-selling heirloom fabrics.

We pulled together some lovely heirloom dresses made for us by Ms. Dot (read about her here) and compared the the fabric weights.

Swiss Muslin

Swiss muslin

The lightest weight fabric in this collection is our Swiss muslin. This exquisite fabric is so airy and delicate. It’s used for the most special and precious baby garments. It is so lightweight that Old Fashioned Baby refers to it as “fairy fabric”.

Dimity Stripe


The next-to-lightest fabric in this lineup is our striped dimity. Dimity is made in a voile weave and it isĀ available in both a vertical stripe and a windowpane weave on our website. It is also very sheer and delicate, but not as light as the Swiss muslin.


Next in this set is our Nelona. This fabric has a very subtle sheen finish which adds to the luxurious look and feel. Nelona is a Swiss batiste and it is the most common choice in the creation of heirloom christening gowns. When you feel this fabric you can understand why it’s a favorite! It is unbelievably soft and dainty.




Pima Cotton Batiste

Pima Cotton Batiste

Pima cotton batiste is our next contender. We are now moving away from the sheer fabrics and more into the opaque category. The batiste is still lovely and lightweight with a soft hand and because it is 100% cotton it performs the same as the other heirloom fabrics in regard to ease of sewing. This fabric is often used for heirloom slips because it has that lightweight feel and yet it is not sheer.

Satin Batiste

Satin Batiste




Our satin batiste is the heaviest fabric in this selection and yet it is still so far from heavy! It has a lovely satin finish to it and though it is not by any means sheer it is still lightweight. This is a good option for nightgowns or more “everyday” heirloom projects (if there is such a thing!).


The odd man out in this post is our skip dent. Now, this dress is very obviously heirloom so would you believe that it is made of a poly-cotton?! Unfortunately we only carry it in white now, but this option is perfect for the busy mom who has no time to pull out the iron.

Skip Dent

Skip Dent

There are so many options when sewing heirloom pieces…and the fabric selection is only one piece of the puzzle! It’s a little overwhelming sometimes, but when the garment is finished you truly have a precious family heirloom.

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