Free Fabric and Our Fabric Winding Adventures

Blog4-watermarkHave you ever wondered how we wind our fabric onto bolts? Well, if you ever are able to visit our shop, you will see our monstrosity of a winding machine sitting in the back of the warehouse. It’s a bit of a maze of metal, but some of us have mastered the beast and so we can wind our fabric from rolls onto bolts.

We just recently received a shipment of over 2,000 yards of fabric all on rolls…so we have our work cut out for us! We thought we would like to show you how we will be filling our time for the next few weeks. Today we wound over 600 yards of 100% Egyptian cotton in a lovely light yellow. This fabric is available on our website and we are also GIVING IT AWAY with any $40 online purchase-this weekend ONLY!!!!


A roll waiting to be wound!

Because we are always getting fun new products we are always looking for a spare shelf! As you can see in the background of the pictures, space is a precious commodity here. We have figured out that we can conserve space by having our fabric on bolts rather than rolls. The bolts are half the width of the rolls and so they take up half the shelf space.

Blog1-watermarkWe are trying to move entirely to bolts of fabrics rather than rolls gradually, but with the amount of fabric we carry that’s easier said than done! We could be winding 24 hours a day 7 days a week for months on end before we got through all our fabric on rolls!

The winding machine is designed with many bars that the fabric is stretched around in order to keep it tight and crisp. There is a special arm that sticks out to fold the fabric in half width-wise as it winds.

Watch the video of some of the yellow broadcloth being wound below:


It’s kind of fun to watch the fabric neatly fold itself in half and tightly wind onto a bolt! The patterned ones are the most fun to watch…although the stripes can sometimes make you dizzy! Next time you’re in the area, stop by and see if we’ve made any progress. You may find us in the middle of our next winding party! 🙂


All wound and ready to be put on the shelf!


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