DIY Pacifier Clip


Who is excited about Friday? We are! Of course everyone has a list of weekend projects as long as their arm, but why not add another one? This weekend we challenge you to the easiest sewing project you ever have or ever will encounter: a home-made pacifier clip! This is not only the easiest and fastest project ever, but this clip also makes for a great gift. Follow along to get yourself addicted to pacifier-clip making. We know we are!




  • Ribbon
  • Mitten clips
  • Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine (or you can hand-sew or even use a hot glue gun)


Cut a length of ribbon approximately 13 inches long. You can lengthen or shorten it as you prefer.




Fold one end of the ribbon over about an inch and stitch (or glue) it down.





Then slide your mitten clip onto the folded edge, fold the ribbon over another inch and stitch that down. This secures the mitten clip.


Next we will work on the other end of the ribbon. Fold over an inch of that and stitch down. Then fold over again and stitch down (this is to hide your edge that would otherwise fray).



Finally, cut a piece of velcro the width of the ribbon you used and stitch that onto your folded and stitched ribbon end. Stitch the fuzzy side of the velcro an inch and a half down from the first side.



And TA-DA! There you have your clip! So easy and so cute! (Or should we say SEW cute?!)


Visit our website to look at our pacifier clip kits or check out our ribbons and make your own!



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