Let’s Make a Bow


At Farmhouse Fabrics it is time to make some bows! We have made so many that we feel like we have the process down pat…sort of. This is the simplest, prettiest way we have found to make bows. See if you can follow along and make your own! Don’t forget to stop by our site for some lovely ribbon!



  • 2 Yards of 2 1/4″ polyester grosgrain ribbon (it’s important that it’s polyester)
  • Tying ribbon (we used vintage poly-satin ribbon in a 1/16″ width, but you can use embroidery floss too)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Alligator clip (buy these at your local craft store)
  • Matches (or a lighter)
  • Scissors

Start by taking just over one yard of your ribbon and fold it in thirds. Make sure your creases are sharp! We pinch them so they leave a mark when the ribbon is unfolded.


Next, lay your ribbon flat and fold one of your outside creases to your center crease so that you have a loop that looks like one of those awareness ribbons.


Next, do the same thing to the other side so that what you have looks like an infinity symbol (or a figure eight).


And now here’s where the magic happens: grab the two loops you have made and pull them to the center (you can see your bow shape now, right?!). Then, pinch the center and tie it off with your floss or tiny ribbon. That part takes practice….we have lost our grip on many bows! Be sure to trim the ends of your tying floss/ribbon.


The next step is finishing off those ribbon ends hanging off either side. We trim them to our desired length and then keep the edges from fraying by heat sealing the cut edge (this is why it’s important to use polyester ribbon-the plastic in the ribbon melts, but cotton or silk ribbon would just singe and ruin the bow). Use your lighter or match and gently wave the edge of the ribbon through the flame. You should see the ribbon sort of “melt” as you go.


So now we make the knot to go around the center of the bow. Take a piece of your ribbon (we normally use the length we have trimmed off one of the ends), and tie it into a pretty knot. Next, hot glue it into place on your bow.


Now you’re ready to hot glue an alligator clip on the back of your bow. You can also use something called a French clip.


And there you go! That’s your bow! Congratulations on reading all the way to the bottom of this post. Send us some pictures of your bows and don’t forget to keep your eye on our ribbon supply. We have hundreds of pretty ribbons that are perfect for bows! Head over to our website to check them out! www.farmhousefabrics.com




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