The Bows are Back!


Posing for pictures might not be Miss Ella’s favorite past-time…

We are back with our embroidered Swiss batiste! Miss Sally has made it up beautifully into a model garment using her own take on the Bonnie Blue “Jenna Leigh” pattern #142.

Many people have been commenting on how the scalloped edge of the fabric makes the bows upside-down so we thought we would show y’all how we thought to use it. Instead of thinking of the edge as a scallop, Miss Sally viewed it as a bonus edging that matches the fabric perfectly! All she needed to do was trim it off the edge of the fabric and add it to her sleeve.

Leggings and tennis shoes…just keeping it real, folks 🙂

Aside from the bonus perfectly matching edging, Miss Sally discovered that our Capitol Imports’ pink entredeaux is also the perfect color! She then used some pale pink piping (#502 Pink Blush) to finish off the dress.


She can’t hold her smile back for long!

So that’s just one way to use the scallop edge. If y’all have some suggestions or model garments you have made up, we would love to hear about it! Email us at

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