Swiss Fabric and Swiss Marketing


Pick up some of this sweet fabric while it lasts! Supply is limited! Go to

Here at Farmhouse Fabrics we get very excited when new products come in. One of the fun things about working in a fabric store is that you get to order what you yourself would buy. Miss Sally always enjoys looking at samples sent in from suppliers and choosing pretty new merchandise. In this case, we have recently received our imported Swiss batiste with embroidered bows and we are thrilled with it! Did you know that we are the only company in the United States which carries this product?


Not only does this fabric come in four lovely colors, but it also feels like a dream. There’s something about Swiss fabrics that just make us want to throw it up in the air so it catches the sun and drifts down in a luxurious heap (which is actually what we did for some of these pictures. What’s the use of working at a fabric store if you can’t play with the Swiss batiste every once in a while?).  No other fabrics can really compare in their delicate texture and sweet coloring.


Four lovely color options: pale yellow and blue on the left, white and light pink on the right!

This fabric has one scalloped edge in the same color as the embroidered bows which is perfect for edging sleeves or hems. Here’s an interesting tidbit: we heard from one of our friends that unless one edge of the fabric is scalloped, Swiss customers are not interested in purchasing it! So that’s why they run a scallop on one edge…it’s a marketing tool! We just love how it looks, so that works for us! What do you think?


One edge is scalloped! Perfect for hems and sleeves!

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