Lace Treasure Hunting

French lace edging (ecru)

Hello everyone! This is Rachel attempting to write another blog post. How’s it going, Farmhouse-ers? Anyone buying any interesting fabric lately? We have been digging though old stashes and coming up with some treasures lately. Watch for them online! I don’t think anything gets Miss Sally going like a stash of vintage lace. She just loves sorting through the dozens of pieces and pulling out the ones with the most delicate and intricate designs. Sometimes there are even pieces with historical significance.

When Miss Sally finds a piece of lace she really loves she sets to work to bring it back to life. She puts the lace through an intense soak and rinse sequence. Often the first round of water is so dirty it looks like strong coffee! Gradually, with patience and a true lace-lover’s eye, Miss Sally works on her treasures until they are in pristine condition. And that is where y’all come in: all that love spent on making something pretty for you to see and take home for yourself. You’re welcome. It’s really our pleasure…or at least, it’s Miss Sally’s pleasure.

Swiss embroidered eyelet organza

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